Clloh Chosen Field

Best Select field replacement. Users can easily search for an item within thousand options or select multiple options easily, also has a better interface.



This plugin will enhance the standard select field to the chosen field. The chosen field has search bar which will help the users to find the option faster. Even better on multiple select, users don’t need to hold Ctrl to select multiple options. It will look like a single select but have multiple values. Overall, this plugin can improve the UX of your form.

Search option easily

Finding a country on a long country list is annoying for most users. Chosen fields make it easier by providing a search bar.

Better Multiple Select Interface

Default select multiple is not user-friendly to use. The user needs to hold the Ctrl key to select more than one or clear the selection. Most users don’t know it.

Have more Ability than Default Select Field

The chosen field allows you to set a Placeholder and limit the selection easily.


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